“A company that gives everyone the gift of health”

This is Bioara’s philosophy and vision.
Dreaming of a world where everyone becomes healthy,.
we have been growing with our core values of honesty, trust and diligence for the last twenty years.
Going forward, we will keep focusing on the research and development of cordyceps
differentiated from existing products

Bioara that strives for the best product

Our Research and Development Team reviews countless research papers to make excellent products.
We create a variety of globally recognized product brands
while reviewing research papers and conducting our own research and
regularly publishing research results.



Bonchowi that guarantees the best quality!

Bonchowi aiming to become the world’s best premium cordyceps brand uses cordyceps cultivated at Bioara’s smart farm and raw materials sourced in Korea and complies with strict quality standards. Our scientists, engineers and researchers in various fields continue to conduct research and assess
whether our finished products comply with the standards in terms of quality, stability and effect.
To provide reliable products that can live up to expectations of people who wish to stay in the optimal health condition,
we are using only the raw materials sourced in Korea for our products and conducting the research and development for better combinations of the raw materials.

  • Quality Control

    Various tests performed every month

    Bioara strives to deliver the best-quality ingredient by applying various quality evaluation methods to all of our cordyceps extract products to provide customers with safe and effective products.
    We use raw materials in which ingredients have been analyzed and approved by our in-house ingredient analysis and quality tests as well as a KOLAS-certified facilities’ analysis on the ingredient specifications.
  • Cultivation-related

    Bonchowi where nature and science meets

    Bioara has researched cordyceps mass production to capture the benefits of nature through science and worked on high-content cordyceps. Our Seoul plantation is the origin of UG plantation, Bioara’s modern smart farm, where the mass production of cordyceps was first started in 1998.
  • Smart Farm

    Bioara is the only company specializing in cordyceps which are cultivated, harvested and processed at our smart farm, and we cultivate cordyceps at our clean plantation without any synthetic pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers.

    In Bioara’s smart farm, cordyceps is cultivated, harvested and processed in the unmanned cultivation environment created with optimal temperature, lighting, ventilation and humanity conditions using IoT technology.



About CI

At Bioara, we are taking great leaps forward as a global green bio-company by enhancing our R&D capabilities, boosting the competitiveness of our cordyceps products, expanding our global production and retailers, and securing new businesses for future growth. We have focused our R&D capabilities on the research and development of starters, which require continuous and long-term investment, as well as of cordyceps with differentiated technologies than existing products, so that we can grow as an unrivaled cordyceps-specialized company through active R&D.

로고 / 아이덴티티 디자인 / CI, 심벌, 로고타이프/워드마크
태양 = 근원 (생명의 근원을 상징하는 붉은 태양의 중심), 동충하초 = 아라(아름답게 순행하는 바다를 닮은 동충하초)
雅邏 A clear, right and beautiful tour!
It symbolizes the desire to spread the vitality of cordyceps that resembles the sun as the endless ocean as a leading company in the industry of super food cordyceps.
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Vision & Mission

As a guide who provides the value that connects people with the nature in the centenarian era, we strive to become a company that helps people have healthier, more energetic and more beautiful lives by harmonizing with the nature.

Core Values
Honesty, Trust,Diligence, Challenge
that give a gift
of health
Brand Goal
No.1 health functional food
"Younger, more beautiful
and healthier"
  • 01

    Focus on researching and commercializing cordyceps and securing markets as a company specializing in cordyceps
  • 02

    High added value
    Pursue high added values in our products with the aim of overseas sales as well as domestic sales
  • 03

    Expand the markets of food, health functional food, and new drug and become the best cordyceps brand

Growth Road Map

가치 / Value, 기간 / Period
Support and development of global innovative new drugs based on early/mid-term profits
  • Support and development of global innovative new drugs based on early/mid-term profits
  • Health functional food / distribution, franchise / cosmetics / smart farm
  • Health food (finished product, raw material)



Our People

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    Keep on trying with passion and
    without being afraid of failure and frustration
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    Keep our promises with family, colleagues, company, and society from our customer’s perspective,
    and fulfill our roles and responsibilities as a members of the company
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    Raise the company’s honor and pride
    by working closely with employees, customers, and business partners
    and reaching our vision as a member of society
    with sound values and ethics
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    Realize autonomous creativity through new ideas and shifts in perception
    that deviated from the existing framework
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    Contribute to the sustainable growth of the company
    by cultivating professional skills, broad perspective, and insight in the field of expertise
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    Achieve innovation in work
    with a positive attitude and strong momentum




  • Headquarters Address 7F 701, EnC Tower 6, 41, Digital-ro 31-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • TEL. +82-2-6285-0441
  • FAX. +82-2-6285-0447

* If you have a question to our research institute and plantation, get in touch with our headquarters.

  • Seoul Research Institute
  • Plantation